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Harold Toomer and JuMond Norman met while attending a Southern California high school in the late 1990's. Even then, Harold and JuMond were driven, charismatic, and stylish individuals. These commonalities fostered a friendship, that would later become the foundation of a cohesive partnership.

After graduating high school they each pursued their education. Harold studied Fashion Design and Graphic Design. While JuMond focused on Fashion Design. The two were ready to launch their clothing lines...separately. It was only after many closed doors and sharing their frustrations one day at a favorite barbershop, did the two become a pair. On May 5, 2003, DonDeMarco clothing was born.

Inspired by the diversity of Los Angeles their parents' sense of style and esteemed designers before them. Together the duo is the creative and business force behind the rivaled fashion house that is...DonDeMarco. Continuously featured in fashion shows and boutiques throughout the Southwest. Nearly ten years later, DonDeMarco remains committed to merging signature pieces with classic style.

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